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Welcome to the Cinnaminson “Pink” Home Run Derby Registration page.  

 With the help of our Cinnaminson baseball community, we will be hosting their first “Pink” Home Run Derby event for kids grades 1 through 7th grade .  The event will be held Friday, June 14th at  6:00PM at Memorial Park on Lenola & Forklanding Rd, Cinnaminson. (Registration and T-shirt pick up will open at 4:00pm).  All proceeds raised go to our sponsor, Unite for HER, whose mission is helping women diagnosed with breast cancer in the last 18 months to navigate their way through treatment by providing complimentary therapies designed to promote physical and emotional wellness. 

My name is Kelly Neri and I have been a Mt. Laurel resident for 18 years, but was a resident of Cinnaminson from 1993-1999, graduating from Cinnaminson High School in 1997.  Maryann’s Pink Warriors was created by my siblings and I and after being our mother, Maryann’s primary care taker for almost 4 years before she lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer at the age of 56 in 2013.  There were many obstacles she faced because of the lack of resources that were available to her and it has been my goal every day to not let our mothers fight be in vain and help other women in their journey anyway I can, now that I know these resources are out there.  If we can help one woman’s journey our mission is accomplished!  In 2016, we were officially sponsored by Unite for Her (https://uniteforher.org/programs/wellness-days-therapies/) because their goals and program aligned exactly with Maryann’s Pink Warriors wanted to do.  Unite for HER’s motto is “let the doctors take care of the cancer, we take care of the women”.    It restores the mind, body and spirit both mentally and physically through their journey with Yoga, counseling, therapy, acupuncture, massage and nutrition and it is free to these women.  I have witnessed firsthand how life changing and empowering the services/monetary grants they provide are to these women, so it has been my honor to team up with them.

With this wonderful baseball community coming together, it not only brings awareness to the many resources available, it lets women in our community who are currently fighting that they are not alone.  Our fundraising efforts will directly provide support, grant/services for women in our own community currently fighting or affected by Breast Cancer. Last year, with the communities support we were able to get 2 women into the program with a full year of therapies and raise enough to sponsor over 65 complimentary therapies for other women in total.

The event itself is free, but all participants are required to wear a derby shirt.  The purchase of the shirts is your donation and for every shirt sold, the proceeds will go towards our cause. 

 To get started you must hit “Add to Cart”.  To register for the event please fill in your Family name, child’s name, grade, age, Team/Town and email address. If you are registering more than 1 child for the event under “Players name” and “players grade” they can be added in this format (Tom, Joe, Jim) and grades (1,3,6).  This way you only have to do one transaction for a family if more than one child is participating in the event. If you are not participating but you would like to order a shirt, just add a “0” in the age and grade fields and we will have them ready for you at registration the day of also.

Each grade, some possibly combined, will compete and trophies and prizes will be awarded for 1 one winner of each group.  Limited shirts will be sold at the event, so we encourage you to order them in advance here to ensure you get one.

 If you need additional shirts, have questions, or would like to sponsor a team or division please reach out to Kelly Neri at MaryannsPinkWarriors@gmail.com

 Also, if you are or know a women/family currently fighting please email Kelly Neri at the above email address or follow us on Facebook for the latest details and events. (www.facebook.com/PinkWarriorMaryann).

 We look forward to a fun filled day with our community honoring, celebrating and remembering all of our Pink Warriors June 14th.  As always, we thank you all for supporting our cause!

Deadline for orders is May 24, 2019.  

Items are non-returnable due to customization. 
Minimums are required on some items, if minimums are not met, we will refund your money.

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