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Whether you are looking to customize gear for the whole school, a club, or a team, Tuttle Marketing Services provides the products and services you need. Our catalog consists of over one million products ready for unique customization to help promote your school spirit.

If you are planning to outfit the team with new jerseys or setting up a fundraiser for the drama club, our team is eager to help you through this process. Customized promotional products establish the legitimacy of your organization and the dominance of your team. Creating apparel with your school name provides a means for faculty and staff to wear their colors with pride.

Additionally, you can work with Tuttle to establish an online store for your school where students and faculty can order products and have them shipped directly to them. The Occupational Therapy department at Towson University takes full advantage of this service. Through their online store, students and faculty alike order spirit wear and dawn their school pride after we ship it directly to them. The convenience is almost too cool for school.

Are you promoting your

  • Elementary School
  • Pre-School
  • Vocational Tech School
  • High School
  • University
  • Automotive Training School
  • International School
  • Fraternities / Sororities

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Tuttle Marketing Services has seemingly supernatural marketing powers! The team knew exactly what would be best suited for my needs even before I did. I loved the design they created for my koozies. The turnaround time from when the order was placed to when it arrived at my front door was lightening fast and the product was 100% perfect! Thanks Tuttle Marketing Services!!

- Jim L.

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