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Belles Lacrosse Club will host its second annual Lacrosse Unites for HER event May 17, 2020  to raise funds and awareness for Unite for HER. UFH is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to bridging the gap between the medical and wellness communities by funding and delivering complementary therapies that support the physical and emotional needs of women with breast cancer during treatment and beyond. The Lacrosse Unites for HER event also provides a unique opportunity to educate young women and girls about the benefits of organic products, nutrition, regular physical activity, breast health, and improved lifestyle choices.


Please consider supporting this event (and your team fundraising goals) through the purchase of personalized club shirts and/or Unite for HER apparel below.


You have the assurance that your contribution will directly benefit breast cancer patients in the 35 hospital and cancer center communities UFH serves through wellness day programs, free complementary therapy treatments (such as nutrition, acupuncture, yoga, massage), grants, and compassionate care. Last year, we administered over $500,000 in funding for these programs to ensure women with breast cancer and their families have the resources they need to find their personal path to healing.

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